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Boot Camp

Our Communications Boot Camp is a training portal to help you develop effective marketing and communications skills through a variety of learning tools. The Communications Boot Camp includes exclusive resources and tools for communications planning, social media management, blogging, building your audience, branding, design, and more. We are always developing content for the Communications Boot Camp, so be sure to check back periodically for new training opportunities and sign up for our mailing list to be notified about special offers and new resources.

Through the CRFT Communications Bootcamp we offer:

  • Online courses

  • Helpful blogs

  • Downloadable templates

  • Downloadable PDFs

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Online Courses

The CRFT New Media Communications Boot Camp launched it’s flagship online course in February 2019. The following courses are currently available:

How To Make a Public Relations Communication Plan

Register through the link below to receive 75% off this month only.

This course introduces you to communications planning through a simple four part framework that will help you put together a plan that works for you and/or your team. You will learn how to:

  • Do relevant research and communicate that to your audience

  • Perform meaningful analysis and come up with an effective strategy

  • Identify your target audience and develop key messages that matter

  • Pinpoint objectives that can be used to measure change

  • Deal with negative situations and emergencies

  • Find tactics and channels that resonate with your audience

  • Effectively evaluate and measure your success

Making a communications plan doesn't have to be hard. Stop hoping that things will work out with your communications and put together a plan that works today by enrolling in How to Make a Communications Plan.

Design Essentials for Non-Profits and Community Initiatives