Data Visualization

At our core, we are educators and designers. Our passion is making information understandable, engaging, and useful to its target audience. Data visualization, organizing information visually through infographics, animations, interactive elements, or engaging videos, can make data much more digestable for end users.

We have worked with Constellation Consulting on several projects visualizing data and designing reports. This report for the CCIS Cultural Brokerage program required the development of several unique visual representations of information. Another report for carya’s Sirius Program used the vibrant colours and forms of carya’s brand, along with iconography to convey much of the data needed.

In 2018, we were tasked with creating an interactive community asset map of Calgary for Calgary CDLI. The map needed to be easy for the coordinator to update as needed and visually show user submitted form data that could be organized and filtered by users. This map is quickly becoming a sought after resource and database.

The University of Calgary led Alberta Men’s Survey received over 2000 responses from across the province. As part of an ongoing strategy to bring the information to the community and service providers, we created several infographics and an online interactive Survey at a Glance overview of the results. Additionally, data visualization came an important part of formatting the data for special research briefs about Latino and South Asian respondents.