Just like you, we have a story. 


     Our mission with CRFT is to help organizations:

  • Stand out in their community through assessing and optimizing their communications activities,
  • Stay ahead utilizing the latest trends and concepts in communication and marketing to best engage your clients and other stakeholders
  • Share their story by aligning communications strategies with organizational principles to create narrative that stakeholders can relate to, engage with, and adopt as a part of their daily lives .

CRFT New Media is not your typical communications agency: we are community builders. Our approach is informed by the communities and cultures of our clients and their stakeholders in order to bring their vision of the future to fruition.  

We use a “story-based” communications approach, helping our clients tell their stories and become staples in the stories of their audience. Magic occurs when the narrative of stakeholders meets the narrative of organizations, aligning to write their story together. We know that emotion, culture, image, identity, and community, dictate stakeholder attitudes and actions.

We’re engaged and involved in our communities. We are storytellers, culture makers, and community leaders who think outside the box and work to understand the sometimes complex needs of our clients. We do not believe in prepackaged marketing and communications strategies, and recognize that every client and their audience have a unique relationship.



We are a social enterprise that puts people first and works with our clients to create communication and marketing strategies that highlight the human elements of their organization as they relate to their stakeholders. We specialize in sharing stories and helping organizations leverage their own goals, values, and mission in crafting a narrative that  bridges the gap between them and the stakeholders they serve.

We get to know our clients in-depth to determine what their needs are, how these needs align with their founding principles, and how these can align to create a superior communications strategy. Through exploring communications and marketing strategies that work for their particular needs we feel that organizations can achieve their fullest potential and have a positive and lasting impact on their community.

CRFT has experience working at local, provincial, and national levels and a few of our relevant clients include the Alberta Father Involvement Initiative, Dad Central Canada, the John Humphrey Centre for Human Rights, The Calgary Community Development Learning Initiative, and the Alberta Men’s Network. Through our work with these organizations, we have gained extensive experience researching the unique needs of diverse organizations and crafting communication strategies for their stakeholders, including end-users, service providers, funders, government liaisons, and more.