The John Humphrey Centre

In order to help The John Humphrey Centre achieve their goals we chose a website layout that combines simple and clean stylistic elements with a powerful and well laid-out navigation system. The new maintains a simple and sleek look and utlizies easily-updatable blogs, simple calendars, grid-formatted galleries and menus, and a simple navigation system. 

The John Humphrey Centre is an educational organization whose philosophy is based on the belief that all education needs to be based in a space of Collective Wisdom – we all have something to bring to the table and it is through the harnessing of our collective stories that we are able to achieve a greater understanding of difference, diversity and human rights.

When The John Humphrey Centre wanted to revamp their online presence, they approached CRFT with a complex goal: of streamlining their information-rich website for usability while maintaining the many tools, calendars, blogs, and news functions their users have become acustomed to.