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Community & Artists


We believe that businesses shouldn't just "give back to the community", rather, we should actually be part of the community. This is why we assist community groups and artist whenever we can. We believe that businesses need to work to develop their communities and raise others up.

Whether you're trying to get your band to the next level, develop an online store for your art, or create an online space for your community group?  CRFT can work with you to create a press-kit, design a website, work on grant applications, or whatever else you may need.  

Our Services

  • Online portfolio or cover page
  • Communications strategy and implementation
  • Web design
  • Online store set up
  • Photography
  • Report and grant writing
  • Graphic design
  • Consulting
  • Community engagement and facilitation

Our Clients

Building Empathy, Conquering Apathy Symposium

Worst Days Down

Cups N Cakes Podcast

Men Edmonton

Calgary Anti-Oppression Network