Strategic Communication Tactics

Tactics are the specific activities that will work toward meeting your objectives. Selecting tactics is an exciting part of communication planning. The key is to be strategic, selecting the tactics that will have the most impact, while being mindful of how realistic the tactics are to implement. Consider your timeline, budget, and personnel constraints as you plan tactics.

The tactics you choose are dependent on your specific strategy, objectives, and audiences you want to reach. Here are some that we have used:

  • Events

  • Influencer engagement

  • Advertising

  • Spokesperson

  • Social media

  • Video production

  • Blog posts

  • Podcasts

  • Mail campaign

  • Print media

  • Radio and TV

Your audiences are important to consider since tactics will appeal to different groups of people and affect their perception of your project. For example, if you are working with an influencer, you will want to carefully select one who is recognized and trusted by your audience.

Plan out your tactics carefully to ensure each one aligns with your strategy, objectives, and audiences to increase the odds of your tactics working.

What tactics have you used successfully? Share your stories with us on social media!